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---Christ Mary-Christ
---Teresa -John Paul
---Gandhi --Einstein
---Edison ---Galileo
--Picasso --Henson
-Beethoven Shakespeare
--Lennon ----Elvis
--Chaplin --Monroe
-Malcolm X -Geronimo
-Next Icon
----Villa -Bob Marley


TomArtCom: Was created by Artist Tom Chavez who proudly presents to you the "Once Upon A Sign" collection available in prints, posters size prints, and t-shirts. This is an original new concept that Chavez coined Art Icon, a new visionary art form that is found nowhere else. Tom Chavez's one of a kind artistry is a conjunction of signs, symbols, and icons combined with realism to create portraits of some of the most famous, and most infamous men and women who's lives have had the greatest and most lasting impact on our world and lives. Every work of art that Chavez produces is painstakingly created by meticulously arranging each individual sign, symbol, and/or icon where it captures the best likeness of the subjects facial characteristics and personality; to create an amazing art style that falls somewhere between abstract and surrealisum.

Mission Statement: Quality and service are words that are not merely spoken at TomArtCom, these principles and standards are practiced everyday, with every customer, and every product. Excellence in our business and in our lives can be achieved only when we obey and respect both the letter and the spirit of honesty. Our top priority is working hard to ensure we meet your highest expectations, and providing the highest quality service and goods to our customers at fair, honest, and competitive prices. We will strive to always apply the highest ethical standards, ensuring that our reputation for integrity remains unblemished.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Your SATIFACTION is absolutely guaranteed. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will arrange for the return of any product and offer an immediate replacement or refund,without question.


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